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"Everything you ever wanted to know about high tea and afternoon tea."

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Although many people are confused as to the exact definitions of high tea and afternoon tea, we have both traditional and modern day definitions of each event. We provide readers with information about where high tea and afternoon tea originated, as well as different types of traditions followed with each. Afternoon tea and high tea are both very different events and we provide information on the similarities and differences.

Our visitors can find sample menus of both high tea and afternoon tea to incorporate in a tea party event. We have also written a few recipes of traditional foods and sweet treats for guests to sample at their next high tea or afternoon tea event. We believe in holding true to traditions, and this is the place for readers to find the correct information about everything to do with high tea and afternoon tea.

High Tea & Afternoon Tea Food Recipes

Shortbread Cookies

Ingredients 1 cup softened butter 2/3 cup...

Fruit Scones

Ingredients 50g blueberries 20g strawberries,...

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches

Ingredients 1 1/2 tablespoons cream cheese 2...

Watercress & Goat Cheese Sandwhich

Ingredients 2 slices whole wheat, white or...

Famous Places: Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Afternoon Tea at The RitzA very glamorous, well known event; Afternoon Tea at The Ritz is an experience you won’t soon forget! Not only do they serve over 17 different flavors of tea, but The Ritz serves a variety of finger sandwiches and pastries for guests to indulge. Read more...

Customer Testimonials

Anne Kilpatrick

I was so excited to come across Afternoon High Tea. As a lover of tea, I began hosting small tea parties for my friends and I throughout the week. I am happy that this site provides accurate information about the difference of High Tea and Afternoon Tea. I really enjoyed the recipes provided on this site as well. The fruit scones and shortbread cookies are my favorite, and a huge hit at my tea parties!

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